10 Useful Tips for a Successful Business Blog


Whatever text you read, whether it talks about social media marketing or b2b business, will only repeat the importance of having a blog in the company today and how much it is a source of qualified contacts. Here are some useful tips for a successful business blog.

Well, it is not our intention to tell the history of blogs, analyze their origins or give practical advice with this article on how to configure one (this could be the idea for a future article), but we want to list what we consider the 10 fundamental points, to manage a blog in the best way and thus try to get the best possible result.

So let’s go with the list:

Always Create Compelling Textual Content

The first step is to capture the reader and keep reading the article and, why not, the rest of the blog as well. It all starts with a convincing title. Remember that the purpose of a blog is to attract and generate qualified and valuable leads and a good way to create compelling content is to think about potential readers and their “needs”.

Compelling Visual, Audio, and Video Content

Of course, most blog content is textual, but in many cases, visual content such as videos, interviews or infographics are a great way to give your content and business a new face.

Always Think Mobile

Today, business people spend a lot of their time on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Social networks and search engines have already understood this for some time and have adapted their platforms and / or searches precisely thinking about what they do in this sense. For this reason, the contents of your blog must also be accessible from tablets and smartphones, without distinction.

Collect as Much Content as Possible

First of all it would be good if the contents of your blog were as original as possible, but if they were not, it is a good idea to always quote the source of inspiration. You could also take it as a rule to publish a weekly article that collects some posts that have appeared here and there on the net, seasoning it with your personal opinion about it.

Publish Articles Regularly

Here’s the hardest thing to do. Blogging and posting content on a regular basis is the hardest thing to do. Usually you start enthusiastic, with a thousand ideas and titles in your pocket and then, overwhelmed by everyday life, you forget the blog.

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Become Authoritative on the Subject

Here we touch on the purest journalism to go beyond what could be a norm for content publishing activities. Interviewing authoritative exponents of your sector, participating in some conferences dedicating an article or an entire reportage to you, will place your company at a higher level and over time will attract an ever-growing pool of readers and contacts.

Insert Call-To-Action

Another difficult thing to do is to study and insert, in each article, a call-to-action for users. In truth, nothing complicated is needed and downloading an e-book or manual is already a good call-to-action in itself. Of course, the download will take place only after the user has completed a small form and then “transformed” it into a relevant contact.

Establish Contact With Your Readers

Whether your readers are looking for information on specific products, “thirsty” to know or simply curious, always give them the opportunity to share the article on their social profiles, report it to friends or other.

Spread Your Content Everywhere

The blog is going to be the point of greatest acquisition of qualified contacts, but its simple existence is not enough to immediately catalyze users. Spread your content on your company’s social profiles several times and at different times, perhaps varying the title (in the case of Twitter) and ask your colleagues to do it too, on their official profile.

Comment on the Articles of Other Blogs

This is to browse other blogs in the sector to leave your comment, which must be appropriate to the context and possibly authoritative, otherwise it will be discarded or marked as spam. It could then be useful to insert in the comment the link to your article that deals with a similar issue, but be careful that it will always be at the discretion of the blog admin to decide whether to publish your comment or not.

To conclude, it should always be remembered that any activity you do on the blog, this will be constantly monitored and measured, so as to take the necessary actions in the event of “successes” or the equally necessary actions in the event of “failures”. Another piece of advice that I would like to add at the end is that, if possible, periodically host articles on your blog by authoritative personalities from other companies or realities similar to yours.