3 Must for Creating Successful Web Content

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Being present on the web is not enough. To shift the interest of users from simply clicking on links and posts to the actual content of the articles on your site, it is necessary to develop a content strategy that works; and it is not just a question of the classic editorial plan, which in any case remains the starting point, but of a studied and curated elaboration of the single texts. Social media content is a whole new level to achieve.

Writing for the web is not the same as just knowing how to write. Stylistically, keeping a blog or forum alive has little to do with publishing an article in a newspaper. Presenting your company online via a website is not the same as creating a brochure or leaflet.

So How Do You Produce Effective Web Content?

Follow 3 unquestionable “musts”: what travels on the web must be Searchable, Tasting and Shareable.


The textual content must be optimized in view of its “searchability” by the consumer / user in search engines: this means that it must contain the keywords of the business to which it refers or of the topic to be treated. The style of writing should be simple and concise, while maintaining the ability to arouse interest. It will therefore be necessary to know how to concentrate in a few lines the key concepts that you want to express in the most captivating way possible.

A “searchable” content manages to capture the passions and desires of the user carrying out a search, providing him with the very suggestions and answers he wanted to find.


A web surfer is like a tourist in a foreign city. His trip has a limited duration, he must be able to find and enjoy the best that the city offers in the shortest possible time. Those who place information, services or products in the virtual square must therefore be able to distinguish themselves from everything else and know how to do it at the first taste of their visitors.

The message that works is the one given in small bites: 65% of human beings have visual learning; the average attention threshold of an adult who is browsing is 8 seconds; each individual is subject to approximately 3,000 brand and brand views per day.

Producing “tastable” content therefore means knowing how to concentrate key information in quick and attractive pills, which stimulate the hunger and curiosity of the passing user to learn more.


Those who work with and on the web must first ask themselves a fundamental question: “Would my audience share with their friends what I am proposing?”

The involvement, interaction and interactivity of the target of people to whom it is addressed are the main indicators of success of an active online company.

About 2.7 billion interactions between users take place every day on Facebook (including likes and comments): this is why 51% of companies now use social sharing tools on their website.

A “shareable” message is a very powerful spring that triggers cross exchanges and interactions even between different social media. If the reader judges content compelling enough to share with his or her network of friends, that message will acquire exponential value for the company and propel the business exponentially.