Social Media Marketing Plan in 7 steps

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If you are planning your Social Media Marketing plan to relaunch your business and you don’t know how to get started, follow our effective 7-step program.

What Does the Social Media Marketing Plan Consist of?

A Social Media Marketing plan is nothing more than the set of strategies that allow you to put your e-commerce in contact with the public. Social Media Marketing encompasses a whole series of predefined actions, choices and objectives that are specifically suited to your business.

All this means that there is no universal and static Social Media Marketing plan, so it is good for any e-commerce. Each Social Media Marketing program is comparable to a tailored suit to be appropriately conformed to promote your brand, as well as to launch the services and goods you offer.

How to Create a Plan in 7 steps?

In preparing your Social Media Marketing program you must proceed step by step following the phases. Here are the 7 steps to follow :

Get your Goals Right

The first thing to do is to set goals and then you will have to ask yourself what you want to achieve from your Social Media Marketing plan. In defining the goals you intend to achieve, try to keep a realistic and concrete vision. Try to focus more on the acquisition of new customers, rather than on the number of “likes” to be obtained.

Your goals shouldn’t deviate from your overall marketing strategy , as doing so will make it easier for you to increase the performance of your business. A good rule of thumb is not to overdo the goals you want to achieve. You only need 3 to get started, as long as they are reachable and measurable within a set time limit. For example, you can decide to post content to communicate the corporate culture, to get a certain number of “likes” and comments within a week.

Establish your Target Audience

Before starting your Social Media Marketing plan, ask yourself which target audience your business is aimed at. Circumscribing the target is very important, because it will be easier to prepare the content of the appropriate messages and to choose, consequently, on which channels to convey them.

Check the Results you get on Social Media

Don’t start your new Social Media Marketing program until you have a complete insight into what you have achieved to date. Measuring the results acquired on which and how many social media will help you understand which accounts to upgrade or leave out altogether.

Remember that this type of measurement must be performed periodically even when you have prepared the Social Media Marketing plan. The constant measurement is critical to better manage the messages with your permission or report any fraudulent accounts.

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Keep in mind that not all social networks will be able to give you the result you expected and you need the measurement just to intervene in good time. When needed, you can incentivize a certain channel or, if necessary, eliminate it because it is counterproductive for your business.

Improve Social Accounts

Once you have carefully checked your social accounts, all you have to do is adapt them to your goals. In some cases you will find yourself creating accounts from scratch but, this time, having acquired a very clear view of your audience, you can provide content that responds to their habits, tastes and preferences.

When, on the other hand, you already have several accounts, the move to implement is to make an update appropriate to the goals you have set. Evaluate the choices well, because each social profile is followed by an audience of different users and therefore must be managed accordingly.

Take a Cue from the Competition and Beyond

When starting a Social Media Marketing plan, you often make the mistake of not looking at how your competition is doing. Your competitors, as well as the behavior implemented by industry leaders and your own customers, will be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to act.

See the giants, what customers are sharing, and which competitive strategies have worked best to reach your audience even more effectively. Look around and be inspired by what happens.

Create Quality Content and an Editorial Calendar

It is not enough to use various contents, what matters is that they are of quality, interesting and published with a scheduled frequency. The posts on Facebook, the messages on Twitter and the texts that enrich your blog must be useful and involve the reader, therefore also with attention to form and content.

Establish the days and times to publish, adapting the frequency to the type of campaign in progress. Learn to divide the resources you have available, balancing them between those destined to promote the brand, share the company mission and personal interactions.

Make Changes to your Social Media Marketing Plan

A Social Media Marketing plan is never static and you will need to update it to achieve the success you expect. Always keep the overall trend updated using special software and keeping under control links and abbreviations of URLs or UTM codes. Surveys are also important tools , through which your followers can express satisfaction and which will help you understand the right path to follow.

In short, your Social Media Marketing plan will be constantly evolving because it will adapt to the market trend and to what the public wants at that moment. In some cases you yourself will want to take on new challenges, add new goals and modify old ones. Try to be flexible and adapt to new changes.

Why Choose a Winning SMM Plan?

Even the Social Media Marketing plan, like a CRM, must be tailored and periodically adapted to the realities of the moment. The management of social networks includes targeted techniques, corrections, audience classification, preparation of quality content and much more.

An incorrect Social Media Marketing plan will not only not work, but it will lead to a heavy setback for your business, resulting in economic losses.

The professional support is often necessary to obtain the desired results and not having to suffer the permanent abandonment of those customers who had painstakingly acquired.