GDPR Consultancy: Why It’s Crucial For Your Business

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When it was passed in 2018, the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, shocked the business community. This required every company doing business with clients in the European Union to reconsider how they handle client data. These regulations were created to safeguard consumers and their personal information. 

One minor error can have serious consequences for your site and business because this is one of the tightest and most extensive sets of data privacy laws in the world. This is the reason that any company that provides services to customers in the EU is strongly advised to engage in GDPR consultancy. These service providers can relieve you of a lot of stress by making sure that your company complies with GDPR requirements. 

In this article, we’ll address that question and discuss a few factors that may indicate that your company requires GDPR consultancy.

The Impact of GDPR on Business

EU member states are required to safeguard personal information of residents under a set of legislation and rules known as GDPR. In addition to protecting EU citizens, the laws also apply to enterprises around the world. So, you must abide by GDPR rules even if your business is based largely in the UK but still serves clients from the European Union.

Along with having many laws and regulations, the GDPR is highly strict. You could face legal consequences, reputational damage, and fines of up to 5% of your annual financial turnover if you break any of these rules. 

It is imperative for all companies and websites that collect data from their EU clients to adhere to the GDPR regulations. However, complying with these regulations can be a daunting task due to the numerous rules and specifications involved. To better understand the benefits of seeking GDPR consultancy for your company, let’s take a closer look at what it entails.

What Exactly Is GDPR Consultancy?

A GDPR consultant is essentially someone you hire to manage all of your GDPR needs on your behalf. These providers are completely familiar with GDPR and know how to guarantee full compliance.

So, the simplest and most rational course of action is to seek the assistance of experts who are knowledgeable in GDPR if you don’t want to try to sort out GDPR on your alone or run the risk of forgetting something that could later negatively impact your organisation.

Why GDPR Consulting Is Important for Your Company

You must adhere to the GDPR rules if your website caters to EU users and you collect user data from them. We’ll look at some of the benefits of collaborating with a GDPR consultancy in more detail below.

1. Avoiding hefty fines: GDPR violations can result in fines up to 5% of annual global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater. A GDPR consultant can help ensure that a business is compliant and avoid these hefty fines.

2. Protecting customer data: GDPR is designed to protect the personal data of EU citizens. A GDPR consultant can help a business ensure that it is collecting, processing, and storing customer data in a way that is compliant with GDPR.

3. Enhancing trust: By showing that a business is taking GDPR seriously, it can enhance trust with customers and partners. This can lead to increased loyalty and more business opportunities.

4. Reducing risk: A GDPR consultant can help a business identify and mitigate risks related to GDPR compliance. This can help reduce the likelihood of data breaches and other issues that could damage the business.

5. Improving processes: GDPR compliance requires businesses to have clear processes for collecting, processing, and storing data. A GDPR consultant can help a business develop and implement these processes in a way that is efficient and effective.

6. Staying up-to-date: GDPR regulations are constantly evolving, and a GDPR consultant can help a business stay up-to-date with the latest changes. This can help ensure ongoing compliance and avoid potential issues

Facilitate GDPR Compliance

The first benefit of hiring a GDPR consultant is that it makes compliance simpler, which is why we strongly advise firms to do so. You’ll discover that trying to handle all compliance needs internally will involve a significant time and manpower investment to comprehend the law, gather all the documentation, and continuously monitor your website.

However, if you hire a team of GDPR consultants to take care of requirements for you, you’ll find that you’ll have more time and money to devote to other traits of your site or company that are likely to produce a higher return on investment than what you would have paid for GDPR consulting.

You’ll Always Be Prepared to Demonstrate GDPR Compliance

When a GDPR consulting team is assisting your company, they will ensure you always have the paperwork you need to demonstrate your compliance. You can then demonstrate compliance any time a police officer or agency inquires about your procedures.

Decrease the Chance of Failure

Running a corporation entails a number of financial risks, and GDPR compliance eliminates one of the major dangers that could have disastrous financial repercussions for your firm. Hence, if you want to manage a lucrative firm with little risk, you must get rid of all threats.

Practical tips or resources for companies who are seeking GDPR consultancy

1. Seek advice from experienced GDPR consultants who have a proven track record of success in implementing GDPR compliance projects.

2. Look for GDPR consultancy firms that specialise in your industry or sector, as they will have a better understanding of the specific privacy risks and compliance requirements relevant to your business.

3. Check the credentials of the GDPR consultancy firm and ensure they have the necessary certifications, such as the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) certification.

4. Look for GDPR consultancy firms that offer tailored solutions that meet your business needs and budget requirements.

5. Ensure that the GDPR consultancy firm provides ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain compliance with GDPR regulations.

6. Use online resources such as the European Commission website, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), or the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) to learn more about GDPR compliance.

7. Attend training and workshops provided by GDPR consultancy firms to learn about the latest developments in GDPR regulations and how to apply them to your business.

8. Conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify any areas of your business that may be at risk of non-compliance with GDPR regulations, and use this information to inform your GDPR consultancy strategy.

9. Ensure that your GDPR consultancy firm has a thorough understanding of the GDPR regulations and can provide you with advice on how to implement GDPR compliance measures such as data mapping, data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), and privacy policies.

10. Finally, ensure that your GDPR consultancy firm provides you with a clear roadmap to GDPR compliance, including timelines, milestones, and costs. This will help you to plan and budget for GDPR compliance effectively.

Take Away

If your company has a website that gathers information from EU clients, you must handle that information with the utmost attention and transparency. Failing to do so would constitute GDPR noncompliance, which might be disastrous for your business.

For this reason, we advise visiting a GDPR consultancy for advice. They’ll handle every aspect of your company’s GDPR compliance, so you and your staff won’t have to. They’ll also take care of everything.

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