Little Love Media has had the privilege of working with some great bloggers, small businesses, websites . Here is what they had to say about the founder, Alison Lee and our services.


“I found myself at a crossroads with my blog, but I wasn’t sure which way to step next. What was once a place I went to document my children’s milestones was becoming more a lifestyle and photography blog. I knew I needed to focus and understand how to best make use of my time if I was to fulfill my new blog’s goals to freelance, to grow my niche audience, and to monetize my site. Alison of Little Love Media helped me see the forest through the trees. Once I completed the questionnaire her responses were speedy, comprehensive and spot on. Thanks to Little Love Media I’m excited to be confidently charting new territory for myself and my work.”

~ Sarah Reinhart, Author and Owner of The Sunday Spill

“I received a blog evaluation from Alison at Little Love Media, and it could not have been more timely. I was in the process of rebranding my blog, and the advice she offered greatly assisted in the process. Additionally, she provided me with simple actionable items I could put in place immediately to grow and strengthen my social media footprint. I would recommend Alison’s services to anyone wanting to strengthen their brand or increase their audience.”

~ Jennifer Williams, Author and Owner of Jennifer P. Williams

“After blogging for nearly three years, I wanted a professional to look at my blog and let me know what was and wasnít working in my favor. I was going to be rebranding my blog and wanted to know where I should focus my efforts. I also wanted to know from a social media standpoint what more I could do to grow my readership. I already had a strong Twitter following, but my Facebook following was lacking.

Alison prepared my Blog Evaluation report and gave me constructive feedback about things I could do to immediately improve my blog as well as things I could do over time to improve it. My Blog Strategy report covered tips for improving my blogís SEO, how to grow my Facebook fan base, and more.

I would highly recommend working with Alison and Little Love Media to bloggers who are ready to take their blogs to the next level.”

~ Natalie Hoage, Mommy of a Monster and Twins

“Little Love Media was just what I needed for my blog. At an extremely reasonable price, Alison provided me with an in-depth evaluation of my site, and many helpful suggestions for improvement. She looked at my content, layout, social media activity and goals, and concretely outlined what I needed to work on, both in the short and long term. I never felt overwhelmed, as Alison’s language was friendly and encouraging, yet simple and direct. If you are trying to take your blog to the next level, Little Love Media should be your next stop!”

~ Keesha Beckford, Mom’s New Stage

“I recently hired Alison to analyze my blog, and I am extremely happy with the service provided! She offers a package price for blog evaluation and strategy report and is very reasonably priced – one of the least expensive I have seen actually! Her finalized product is awesome. She provides a very detailed, professional report and has given me some great advice on how to improve my blog, but also advice on avenues for furthering my writing career. I am very pleased with her product, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.”

~ Alexa, No Holding Back

“Alison at Little Love Media has turned my Pinterest Boards into this space that makes me sigh with delight. Seriously. Iím itching to go blog reading just so I can Pin. The woman improved my board titles and organized my pins. In no time at all. She was very quick, very efficient. Asked me a few questions about what boards I needed. Deleted all my duplicate Pins of stuff that I couldnít decide where to place. Created a couple of new boards and moved some of my Pins that were just sitting in the wrong boards to the new boards that fit just right and are so well thought out I can use them again and again.

I can not tell you the sense of relief I have now. If youíre wicked busy and are having trouble keeping up with Social Media, but itís a MUST for your business exposure, you need to check out Little Love Mediaís Social Media Made Easy packages. Alison offers customized packages too, which is what my project was, so if you donít see what you need, contact the woman, she knows her stuff.” (testimonial from this blog post)

~ Vanita Cyril, After Bedtime Blog and The Strategic Mama

“So I get to the check out at the store and quickly realize it is one of those stores that does not supply bags. And I did not bring any bags! I look at my overflowing cart of goods I can not live without. After I pay for my items I start stuffing everything into my pockets, purse, and pants. Like a fool I am juggling, dropping cans and cereal boxes on the floor.

This did not happen at a store but is the exact feeling I had about my blogging! Out of the heavens comes Alison Lee from Little Love Media. Seeing me in distress she jumped into action showing me how to organize my goods so that I could carry them myself and shared with me the links to the tools I would need to take control of my blog. Without judgement on how long I have been blogging, my numbers or what my content is, she helped me find my voice! She brought the bags!”

~ Faith Bomar, Living By Faith

“Having started blogging a year ago, I felt overwhelmed, at a loss, and quickly placed my blog aside. I was frustrated and did not know where to go, so I focused on other things and left it alone. After months of thought, I picked it back up in January 2013, with a determination to watch it succeed. I was still at a loss, and did not have a good outline for the things I needed to become successful. Enter Little Love Media. I was fortunate enough to meet Alison through a mutually frequented site. With her help, I was given a thorough evaluation of my blog, and with attention placed on the goals I had set for myself. With her analysis of my site and attention to the goals I wanted to achieve, Alison set up a perfect plan of action to help me attain what I want to achieve. I have already seen the success starting to come in from placing the action items in place, and I am sure that before long I will be exactly where I want to be thanks to Alison and Little Love Media.”

~ Jennifer, PinkWhen

Small Business

“I turned to Little Love Media to enhance the presence of my photography business locally. Within a day, Alison returned to me with a very specific and detailed plan of action. She pointed at things that needed to be addressed immediately, and gave me a clear vision of our long-term goals. After taking control of my social media platforms, she taught me how to navigate through it, and how to interact with my existing and potential customers. Alison identified the number one social media site that is popular among customers in my area and guided me on how to enhance my presence on it.

I was surprised because I thought having a lovely website, and using photography-based social media was putting me and my work on the map, but I learned that my future customers preferred different methods of communication that I had grossly neglected. As a result of my revamped social media marketing plan, I have built a stronger fan base, and the word on my business has spread. I just wanted to express my gratitude to Alison and Little Love Media, and my sincere amazement at how much can be accomplished in a short period of time, with minimum investment, for more online exposure.”

~ Stasha, Stasha B Photography


“With over 60 contributors to our website, just answering e-mails takes a lot of time in my day, as World Moms Blog has grown in size over the past two years. In the meantime, there is the editing and scheduling of content, the overall business filings, finances, website updating, industry events to attend, marketing and social media. It is all too much for me to do on my own. To keep our organization running successfully and looking toward the future, we now have fabulous women responsible for portions of the business to run, and Alison Lee was one of our treasured senior leaders. Since Alison and Little Love Media came on as our Social Media Strategist, she has restructured our social media team, changed our types of Facebook postings, connected our accounts, recommended best times to post and increased our fan size and engagement. She has also trained some of our international contributors in how to follow these best practices.

Alison Lee has been a real leader in social media for World Moms Blog, listed by Forbes as a “Top 100 Website for Women 2012″. There is no doubt she is a natural thinker, and leader, and guiding our organization into the future in social media. I have found Alison easy to communicate with, full of ideas, great with feedback and dependable. Little Love Media has been the best!!!”

~ Jennifer Burden, Founder and Managing Editor, World Moms Blog, LLC.