Social Media Management

In our incredibly connected world. social media is an integral part of it. Whether you’re an individual enjoying the benefits of reconnecting with old friends, or a brand which connects with their customers, everyone is on social media.

Social media is no longer about just consuming information. It is about creating content and starting conversations. Used correctly, it can be a powerful platform to communicate your brand messages quickly, efficiently and in an interesting way.

However, managing numerous social media platforms can be time consuming. Platforms like Facebook and Pinterest can be an incredible time suck, with so much information and interaction out there.

You don’t have 6 hours in a day to invest in managing your social media accounts efficiently. This is where Little Love Media comes in. I can not only set up relevant social media profiles for you, I can help you manage them; from engaging with your customers on Facebook or running a contest; to curating relevant content on Pinterest; creating conversation starters on Twitter, and networking with your niche audience on LinkedIn.

Little Love Media is a full service consultancy, aside from providing you with an evaluation report and social media strategy, I can manage your social media profiles.


Social Media Profile Set-Up and Management – $399

This service includes the evaluation report, a customized social media strategy, and I will create up to three social media profiles of your choice. I will manage the profiles for you for two weeks, as well as show you how they work, and give you some tools to help you manage them on your own in the future.


All payments are via PayPal only.