Social Media Consulting

Social media can be overwhelming, with the availability of so many platforms.

Little Love Media is here to help you optimize your marketing and social media budget, by helping you choose and manage the best social media platforms that suit your brand and business.

These are a few of the social media platforms Little Love Media can manage for you.


I will guide you in using Facebook in a way that will connect and engage you more effectively with your Fans, as well as provide you with a strategy to obtain a wider fan base.


I will show you how to curate your Pinterest boards in a more engaging manner, and offer you solutions to get more traffic to your website and/ or blog via Pinterest.


I will guide you on how you can communicate better and more effectively on Twitter, and drive more traffic to your website/ blog.


I will advise you on how to create an interesting and compelling LinkedIn profile, and how to network across the various LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn is incredibly important to put your business out there to a captive audience.

If your brand/ business is very visual, can be an incredible tool to offer a different point of view to your customers. can also be linked to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Evaluation – $149

strong>I will evaluate your current web presence—from your website, blog and traffic solutions, to your use of social media, and email opt-in choices—or lack thereof. I will send you a full report via email, and if necessary, have a one-on-one Skype call or instant messaging chat, where I walk you through the results and tell you what you’re doing right and what else you need to be doing but you’re not. The purpose of the report is to show you how to consolidate your efforts and maximize your results.

Evaluation and Social Media Strategy – $249

This service includes the evaluation report and a customized social media strategy to meet your business needs, utilizing two to three types of social media. This package is suitable for businesses that are familiar with social media, and prefer to manage their social media profiles themselves.


All payment is via PayPal only.