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Blogging is not just about writing good content. It’s also about a great looking, easy to navigate site. It’s about being connected in social media and maximizing those efforts to grow your blog.

It can also be overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there on how to write better content, how to’s on design, layout, social media and so on. Bloggers are also parents, spouses and employees or employers, and not everyone has the time to read tutorials and articles, and implement strategies.

This is where Little Love Media comes in. We offer a service just for bloggers, where we give you an objective take on where your blog is right now, and useful information on where to take it next.

Blog Evaluation Report – $75

This comprehensive report will cover blog design, navigation, layout, pages, and social media. We will let you know what is working for you, what is not and look at your current social media accounts and activity, along with suggestions on changes you will need to take your blog to the next level.

These strategies can be applied immediately, as well as long-term.

The report will be sent to you via email, and you will have a complimentary two-week follow up period, where you are free to ask any questions you have.

Blog Strategy – $100

There comes a point in your blogging life that you think you’re ready to take it to the next level.

  • Are you wondering how to get your blog Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?
  • Are you considering ways you can monetize blogging?
  • Are you stuck or at a crossroads, and wondering whether you need to break out of a niche, or create a niche if you’ve previously been floundering in blog-no-man’s land, but have no idea what to do, or how to do it?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all the social media platforms and unsure which to tackle and master?

We can help! We are ready to help you focus your blogging efforts and maximize your time online with a personal blogging strategy. This strategy will be delivered to you via email, and you will have a two-week complimentary follow up period, where you are free to ask any questions you have as you go about implementing your strategy.


Package Price for Blog Evaluation Report + Strategy – $150

Save $25 if you choose to get your blog evaluated and a strategy at one go!

Interested? Just write in using the contact form in our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!


All payments are via PayPal only.